miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016


Our classroom partners Bruno Núñez, Marta Marcos and Nayara Martínez, students of IES Matilde Salvador have done a work about  Achondroplasia for “El Gusto de Investigar”.
The disease is the cause of the 75%  cases of dwarfism, which reduces medium height  of the people who suffers it. One part of the study of genetics consists of in the research of our organism’s diseases, as a result of the heritage of our ancestors or mutations in our genes.
The disease which our partners have studied about is the Achondroplasia, better known as dwarfism. They have investigated its causes and how in a premature age, about 4 months, this disease is visible. For example the evolution of head’s circumference, which is different for man and woman.
Finally, they arrived to the next conclusion: although there isn’t a final cure, a treatment can normalise affected’s life.
To value this work, we are going to explain a series of points in common. First, we think work’s theme is original.  In addition, it is attractive and interesting. Furthermore, it is deeply developed.

Ana De Dios Castón, Andreu Esteban Sebastià and Edgar Heredia López

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